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Computer science and computer engineering

Issue 152(11) (2023)


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Cupertino Lucero-Álvarez, Perfecto Malaquías Quintero-Flores, Edgar Moyotl-Hernández, Carlos Artemio Ortiz-Ramírez, Patricia Mendoza-Crisóstomo, Maria Vázquez-Vázquez

Behavior’s Study of some Classic SVD-Models with Noisy Data in Movie Recommender Systems (pp. 5–16; abstract)


Apolinar Velarde-Martínez, José Daniel Reyes-Moreira, Juan Carlos Estrada-Cabral, Gilberto Gonzalez-Rodriguez

Characterization of Honey Bee Anatomy for Recognition and Analysis Using Image Regions (pp. 17–29; abstract)


Gerardo Adrián De La Rosa-Hernández, Griselda Quiroz-Compeán, Juan Angel Rodríguez-Liñan, Luis Martín Torres-Treviño

Tuning Control Law Gains in an Exoskeleton through Swarm Intelligence (pp. 31–43; abstract)


Miguel Avila-Cabrera, Antonio Aguileta-Güemez, Jorge Rios-Martinez,CJorge Reyes-Magaña

Assistive Technologies for American Sign Language Users: A Systematic Mapping Study (pp. 45–58; abstract)


Malgorzata Schwab, Ashis Biswas

Invertible Neural Networks for Inference Integrity Verification (pp. 59–70; abstract)


Ángel Leonardo Valdivieso-Caraguay, Óscar Mauricio Rivera-Cajía, Bryan Norberto Flores-Sarango, Lorena Isabel Barona-López, Marco E. Benalcázar

Hand Gesture Recognition Applied to the Interaction with 3D Models in Virtual Reality (pp. 71–83; abstract)


Lourdes Uribe, Uriel Trejo-Ramirez, Yael Andrade-Ibarra, Oliver Cuate, Victor Cordero

Penalty Functions to Improve the Performance of MOEA’s for Portfolio Optimization Problems (pp. 85–97; abstract)


Philippe Prince-Tritto, Hiram Ponce

Self-Supervised Learning with Legal-Related Corpus: Customizing a Language Model with Synthetic Data (pp. 99–116; abstract)


Pedro Romero-Martínez, Christopher R. Stephens

Bayesian Classifier Models for Forecasting COVID-19 Related Targets Using Epidemiological and Demographic Data (pp. 117–131; abstract)


Abraham Barroso, Noé Méndez, Hiram Ponce

Predicting the Demand for Services at a Government Institute of Health in Mexico (pp. 133–143; abstract)


Obdulia Pichardo-Lagunas, Bella Martinez-Seis, Carlos Gómez-García

A Comprehensive Review of Sign Language Translation Technologies Using Linguistic Approaches (pp. 145–158; abstract)


Sergio Vega-Guzmán, Gerardo Ramírez-Nava, Mariel Alfaro-Ponce

Stacking Ensemble for Cognitive Impairment and Alzheimer’s Disease Classification Using the ADNI Database (pp. 159–169; abstract)

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