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Issue 148(6) (2019)


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A. Martínez, C. Alberto Ochoa, Jorge R. Rodríguez

A Hybrid Intelligent System for Improving a Health Model Associated with Cardiovascular Disease (pp. 13–23; abstract)


Uriel Cambrón Hernández, Mariela Chávez Marcial

Apptojo: Behavioral Relationship between Consumers and Food Merchants through a CRM Mobile Application (pp. 25–37; abstract)


Martín Montes Rivera, Alberto Ochoa Zezzatti, Christian Alejandro Mejía Ramírez

Automatic Generation of Programs for Data Tables with Batch Least Square Mamdani Inference Systems: Application in the AWG Table (pp. 39–49; abstract)


Mónica Mendirichaga Pérez-Maldonado, Alberto Ochoa-Zezzatti, Aida Yarira Reyes Escalante, Roberto Mendirichaga-Dalzell, Sandra Bustillos

Blurring Northeast Mexican Societies: An Approach to Cultural Capital and Results of the PISA Test (pp. 51–62; abstract)


Estrella Molina-Herrera, Alberto Ochoa, Thomas Gill, Gabriel Ibarra-Mejia, Carlos Herrera

Conceptualization of a Predictive Model for Analysis of the Health Outcomes of Dust Events in a Society with Köppen Climate Classification BW (pp. 63–89; abstract)


Mariana Martinez-Valencia, José-Antonio Vazquez-Lopez, Carolina Hernandez-Navarro, Alberto Ochoa, Juan-Luis Hernandez-Arellano

Determining the Optimal and Ideal Helmet for an Italian Scooter Used in a Smart City Considering Cranial Anthropometry and Intelligent Data Analysis (pp. 91–101; abstract)


Jorge Restrepo, Juan Hernández, Alberto Ochoa

Development of a Graphic User Interface Focused on Multicriteria Analysis among a Plethora of Passive Exoskeletons to Improve the Social Inclusion of Infants in a Smart City (pp. 103–110; abstract)


Alejandro Lara, Jorge Rodas-Osollo, Alberto Ochoa, Gilberto Rivera

Development of a Serious Games for Asperger Syndrome Based on a Bio-inspired Algorithm to Measure Empathy Performance (pp. 111–121; abstract)


Humberto Velasco Arellano, Martín Montes Rivera

Forward Kinematics for 2 DOF Planar Robot using Linear Genetic Programming (pp. 123–133; abstract)


Karla Erika Donjuan Callejo, Mario Ricardo Sotomayor, Alberto Ochoa-Zezzatti

Happiness and its Socio-demographic Determinants Analyzed with Datamining, the Case of a Community at the North of the Border of Mexico (pp. 135–151; abstract)


César Lozano Díaz, Adriana Lorena Iñiguez Carrillo, Rocio Maciel, Víctor M. Larios, Emmanuel Aceves Martínez, C. Alberto Ochoa, Edgar Cossio

“Interconnection” APP: Proposal of Interaction with a Virtual Agent, Animations and Augmented Reality an Easy Way to Learn the Usage of Sensors in Smart Cities (pp. 153–164; abstract)


Aida Yarira Reyes Escalante, Carlos Alberto Ochoa Ortiz Zezzati, Edith Vera Bustillos, Alejandra Peña Escarcega

Leisure Organization Models of Young People in the North Mexican Border (pp. 165–183; abstract)


Angel de Jesús Calam Torres, Alberto Ochoa-Zezzatti, José Alberto Hernández Aguilar, Víctor Antonio Chulin Tec

Modeling a Roof Garden to Buildings in a Smart City using Equation Weight for Calculation of Distribution of Load Live and Weight Maximum on a Roof Top (pp. 185–196; abstract)


María Arely López Garrido, Erika Yunuen Morales Mateos, José Alberto Hernández Aguilar, Carlos Alberto Ochoa Ortíz, Carolina González Constantino, Oscar Alberto González González

Patterns of Motivational Orientation and its Relationship with Academic Performance in University Students (pp. 197–203; abstract)


V. García, R. Florencia-Juárez, J. P. Sánchez-Solís, G. Rivera-Zarate, R. Contreras-Masse

Predicting Airline Customer Satisfaction using k-nn Ensemble Regression Models (pp. 205–215; abstract)


Edgar Gonzalo Cossio Franco, Jorge Alberto Delgado Cazarez, Daniel Noel Torres Godoy

Predictive Model as a Tool for Acquiring a Certification for Client Companies and Certifying Entities with Machine Learning (pp. 217–228; abstract)


Martín Montes Rivera, Alejandro Padilla, Juana Canul, Julio Ponce, Alberto Ochoa Zezzatti

Realtime Recoloring Objects using Artificial Neural Networks through a Cellphone (pp. 229–238; abstract)


Martha Jiménez, Alberto Ochoa, Daniela Escobedo, Ricardo Estrada, Erwin Martinez, Rocío Maciel, Víctor Larios

Recognition of Colors through Use of a Humanoid Nao Robot in Therapies for Children with Down Syndrome in a Smart City (pp. 239–252; abstract)


Bernabé Rodríguez-Tapia, Alberto Ochoa-Zezzatti, Angel Israel Soto Marrufo, Norma Candolfi Arballo, Patricia Avitia Carlos

Sign Language Recognition Based on EMG Signals through a Hibrid Intelligent System (pp. 253–262; abstract)


Erika Yunuen Morales Mateos, María Arely López Garrido, José Alberto Hernández Aguilar, Carlos Alberto Ochoa Ortiz, Oscar Alberto González González, Arturo Corona Ferreira

Visual Association Rules on the Psychological Connection of University Students with their Studies (pp. 263–276; abstract)


Rim Laatar, Chafik Aloulou, Lamia Hadrich Belguith

A Framework for the Construction of a Historical Dictionary for Arabic (pp. 277–294; abstract)

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