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Issue 147(11) (2018)


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Heber Avalos-Viveros, Guillermo Molero-Castillo, Edgard Benitez-Guerrro, Everardo Bárcenas (Mexico)

Towards a Method for Biosignals Analysis as Support for the Design of Adaptive User-Interfaces (pp. 9–19; abstract)


Daniel Duarte-Carrera, Alfonso Rojas-Domínguez, Luis Carlos Padierna (Mexico)

Phase Unwrapping for 3D Object Reconstruction by means of Population-based Metaheuristics (pp. 21–30; abstract)


Ricardo Ramos-Aguilar, J. Arturo Olvera-López, Ivan Olmos-Pineda, Manuel Martín-Ortíz (Mexico)

Time-Frequency Analysis of EEG Spectrograms using 2-D Gabor Filters for Epileptic Seizure Classification (pp. 31–44; abstract)


Cecilia Reyes-Peña, David Pinto-Avendaño, Darnes Vilariño-Ayala (Mexico)

Emotion Classification of Twitter Data Using an Approach Based on Ranking (pp. 45–52; abstract)


Daniel Sánchez-Ruiz, Iván Olmos-Pineda, J. Arturo Olvera-López (Mexico)

Automatic Segmentation in Breast Thermographic Images Based on Local Pattern Variations (pp. 53–66; abstract)

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