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Computer science and computer engineering

Issue 146 (2017)


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Omar López Chávez, Luis-Felipe Rodríguez, Guillermo Salazar Lugo, Luis A. Castro (Mexico)

Authoring Tools and Virtual Environments in Intelligent Tutoring Systems: Challenges and Opportunities (pp. 9–16; abstract)


María Lucia Barrón-Estrada, Ramón Zatarain-Cabada, Raúl Oramas-Bustillos, Sandra Lucia Ramírez-Ávila (Mexico)

Building a Corpus of Phrases Related to Learning for Sentiment Analysis (pp. 17–26; abstract)


Samuel González-López, Aurelio López-López, Jesús Miguel García-Gorrostieta, Daniel Alfredo Hernández Carrasco (Mexico)

Coverage, Opinion and Speculation: Key Features Analyzed by TURET 2.0 (pp. 27–34; abstract)


Hugo Gonzalez, Rafael Llamas, Francisco Ordaz (Mexico)

Cybersecurity Teaching through Gamification: Aligning Training Resources to our Syllabus (pp. 35–43; abstract)


Adelfo Salazar-Salazar, Carlos Felipe García-Hernández (Mexico)

Development of an HTML5 Library for Building SCORM Learning Objects (pp. 45–51; abstract)


Aarón Yael Ponce-Guzmán, María Lucila Morales-Rodríguez, Claudia Gómez, Nelson Rangel-Valdez, Laura Cruz-Reyes (Mexico)

GAMeNT: A Framework to Formalize the Serious Game Design and Development (pp. 53–60; abstract)


Miguel Sanchez-Brito, Carlos F. Garcia-Hernandez (Mexico)

Hands Skin Segmentation and Tracking for Interaction with an Augmented Reality Entity (pp. 61–70; abstract)


J. L. Melgar-Garcia, M. Sanchez-Brito, C. F. Garcia-Hernandez (Mexico)

Personalization of Learning Objects through Knowledge Management Process (pp. 71–76; abstract)


Rafael Morales-Gamboa, Enrique Sucar-Succar, Elías Ruíz-Hernández, María Elena Chan-Núñez, Simón Carlos González-Flores (Mexico)

Probabilistic Relational Learner Models Based on Competence Maps (pp. 77–86; abstract)


Yasmín Hernández, Guillermo Santamaría-Bonfil, Víctor Pecero (Mexico)

Text Mining for Domain Structure Analysis in a Training System for Electrical Procedures (pp. 87–95; abstract)

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