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Issue 132 (2017)


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Eduardo Ceh-Varela, Gandhi Hernández-Chan, Marisol Villanueva-Escalante, Giner Alor-Hernández, José Luis Sánchez-Cervantes (Mexico)

A Counter Medication Classifier Using Machine Learning and Computer Vision Techniques (pp. 9–22; abstract)


Elayne Rubio Delgado, Lisbeth Rodríguez-Mazahua, Silvestre Gustavo Peláez-Camarena, María Antonieta Abud-Figueroa, José Antonio Palet Guzmán, Asdrúbal López-Chau, Giner Alor-Hernández (Mexico)

Preliminary Results of an Analysis Using Association Rules to Find Relations between Medical Opinions About the non-Realization of Autopsies in a Mexican Hospital (pp. 23–32; abstract)


Osslan Osiris Vergara Villegas, Carlos Felipe Ramírez Espinoza, Vianey Guadalupe Cruz Sánchez, Manuel Nandayapa, Jorge Luis García-Alcaraz (Mexico)

A Methodology for Optimizing the Process of Machining a Workpiece Using Multi-Objective Particle Swarm Optimization (pp. 33–40; abstract)


Dulce Rocío Mota-López, Cuauhtémoc Sánchez-Ramírez, Giner Alor-Hernández, Magno Ángel González Huerta (Mexico)

A Systemic Conceptual Model to Support Decision-Making in the Sustainability Assessment of Industrial Ecosystems (pp. 41–53; abstract)


Lucero Alejandra Salazar Jáuregui, Diana Sánchez-Partida, José Luis Martinez-Flores (Mexico)

Coverage Analysis of Fire Stations Located in Puebla City and Determination of New Possible Required Locations (pp. 55–62; abstract)


J.C. Osorio, D.F. Manotas, J.L. García (Mexico)

Operational Risk Assessment in 3PL for Maritime Transportation (pp. 63–69; abstract)


Alejandro H. Martínez-Márquez, Diana Sánchez-Partida, José Luis Martínez-Flores (Mexico)

Inventory Reduction in a Metal-Mechanical Industry Using Logistical Tools (pp. 71–83; abstract)


Jorge Limon-Romero, Yolanda Baez-Lopez, Diego Tlapa, Mitzy Pory-Lugo, Ivan Rodriguez-Borbon (Mexico)

Optimization of Multiple Response Variables Using the Desirability Function and a Bayesian Predictive Distribution (pp. 85–95; abstract)


Sadek Mansouri, Mbarek Charhad, Mounir Zrigui (Mexico)

Arabic Text Detection in News Video Based on Line Segment Detector (pp. 97–106; abstract)


Houssem Safi, Maher Jaoua, Lamia Belguith Hadrich (Mexico)

Learning-to-Rank for Hybrid User Profiles (pp. 107–127; abstract)


Omar Trigui. Lamia Hadrich Belguith, Paolo Rosso (Mexico)

Arabic Cooperative Answer Generation via Wikipedia Article Infoboxes (pp. 129–153; abstract)


Jesus Romero-Hdz, Gengis Toledo-Ramirez, Baidya Saha (Mexico)

Deformation and Residual Stress Based Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithm for Welding Sequence Optimization (pp. 155–179; abstract)

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