Research in Computing Science

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Computer science and computer engineering

Issue 130 (2016)


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Front matter (pp. 1–4)

Editorial (pp. 5–6)

Table of Contents (pp. 7–8)


Dafne Rosso Pelayo, Joel Armando Colín Pacheco, Luis Miralles-Pechuán

Emotion Analysis in Gasoline Consumption in Mexico using Machine Learning (pp. 9–21; abstract)


Madai Ramírez, Octavio Sánchez

Ye shall Know them by their Verbs: How Gender Express their Opinion in Twitter (pp. 23–34; abstract)


Omar Juárez Gambino, José-David Ortega-Pacheco, Consuelo-Varinia García-Mendoza, Miguel Felix-Mata

Automatic Detection and Registration of Events by Analyzing Email Content (pp. 35–43; abstract)


Karen Vazquez, Mireya Tovar, David Pinto, José A. Reyes-Ortiz

A Lexical Supervised Approach for Opinion Mining in the Domain of Laptops and Restaurants (pp. 45–52; abstract)


Luis Alberto Flores Montaño, Rosa María Rodríguez-Aguilar

Automatic Translation System from Mexican Sign Language to Text (pp. 53–67; abstract)


Ana Laura Lezama, Mireya Tovar, David Pinto, Darnes Vilariño

An Algorithm for Semantic Expansion of Queries in a Boolean Information Retrieval System (pp. 69–76; abstract)


Carolina Fócil-Arias, Grigori Sidorov, Alexander Gelbukh, Miguel A. Sanchez-Perez

A Comparative Analysis of Learning Techniques for Cancer Risk Prediction based on Medical Textual Records (pp. 77–88; abstract)


Carlos Lara-Alvarez, Hugo Mitre-Hernandez, Maria Alvarado-Hernandez

Entropy of Eye Fixations: a Tool for Evaluation of Learning Objects (pp. 89–98; abstract)


Aqsa Ashraf, Imran M. Rabbani, Ana Maria Martinez-Enriquez, Aslam Muhammad

A User-Centered Approach for Cloud Service Selection and Recommendation (pp. 99–110; abstract)


Olga Kolesnikova, Oscar-Arturo González-González

Spoken English Learner Corpora (pp. 111–132; abstract)


Jovani Armeaga García, Yulia Ledeneva, René Arnulfo García-Hernández

Efecto del pre-procesamiento en la detección automática de plagio para PAN 2014 y PAN 2015 (pp. 133–152; abstract)

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