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Computer science and computer engineering

Issue 129 (2016)


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Samuel González-López, Aurelio López-López, Jesús Miguel García-Gorrostieta, Indelfonso Rodríguez Espinoza

TURET2.0: Thesis Writing Tutor Aimed on Lexical Richness in Students' Texts (pp. 9–17; abstract)


Ingrid Anai Hernández Horta, Anderson Monroy Reza, Martha Jiménez García

Android App Based on Gamification Techniques for Learning Reading, Support for Education and Illiteracy (pp. 19–26; abstract)


Humberto Marín-Vega, Giner Alor-Hernandez, Ramón Zatarain-Cabada, M. Lucía Barrón-Estrada

Analyzing Proprietary Games Engines for Developing Educational and Serious Games (pp. 27–35; abstract)


Raymundo Cornejo, Fernando Martinez

Exploring Digital and Manual Modalities in Educational Activities for Children with ADHD (pp. 37–44; abstract)


María Lucía Barrón-Estrada, Ramón Zatarain-Cabada, Bianca Giovanna Aispuro-Medina, Elvia Minerva Valencia-Rodríguez, Ana Cecilia Lara-Barrera

Building a Corpus of Facial Expressions for Learning-Centered Emotions (pp. 45–52; abstract)


Carlos Lara-Alvarez, Oyuki Fuentes, Hugo Mitre-Hernandez, Juan J. Flores, Luis Lopez

A Fuzzy Control System for Improving Learning (pp. 53–61; abstract)


Yasmín Hernández, Miguel Pérez Ramírez, William Ingram Ramírez, Eric Nava Ayala, Norma J. Ontiveros Hernández

Architecture of an Intelligent Training System based on Virtual Environments for Electricity Distribution Substations (pp. 63–70; abstract)

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