Research in Computing Science

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Computer science and computer engineering

Issue 123 (2016)


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Front matter (pp. 1–4)

Editorial (p. 5)

Table of Contents (pp. 7–8)


Efstathios Stamatatos

Authorship Verification: A Review of Recent Advances (pp. 9–25; abstract)


Michalis Chartomatsidis, Emmanouil Androulakis, Ergina Kavallieratou

Training NAO using Kinect (pp. 27–37; abstract)


Guillermo De Ita, Meliza Contreras, Pedro Bello

Applying an Incremental Satisfiability Algorithm to Automatic Test Pattern Generation (pp. 39–49; abstract)


Avila-Hernández J. J., Guzmán-Cabrera R., Torres-Cisneros M., Gómez-Sarabia C. M., Ojeda-Castañeda J.

Automatic Detection of Diabetic Retinopathy using Image Processing (pp. 51–55; abstract)


Silvia Beatriz González Brambila, Josúe Figueroa González

Analyzing the Effect of Family Factors over the Scholar drop out at Elementary School using Classification and Association Rules Techniques (pp. 57–66; abstract)


Mireya Tovar, David Pinto, Azucena Montes, Gabriel Serna

Use of Text Patterns for Evaluating Concepts in Corpora of Restricted Domain (pp. 67–77; abstract)


Mario Anzures-García, Luz A. Sánchez-Gálvez, Miguel J. Hornos, Patricia Paderewski-Rodríguez

Knowledge-based Workflow Ontology for Group Organizational Structure (pp. 79–90; abstract)


María Beatriz Bernábe Loranca, Rogelio González Velázquez, Mario Bustillo Díaz, Martín Estrada Analco, Jorge Cerezo Sánchez, Griselda Saldaña González, Abraham Sánchez López

Methodology for Location-Allocation Problem (pp. 91–98; abstract)


Christian Sánchez-Sánchez, Héctor Jiménez-Salazar

An Effect of Term Selection and Expansion for Classifying Short Documents (pp. 99–109; abstract)


Jaideep Upadhyay, Husain Khambati, David Pinto

Design of Silent Actuators using Shape Memory Alloy (pp. 111–117; abstract)


J. Quintanilla-Domínguez, J. M. Barrón-Adame, J.A. Gordillo-Sosa, J. M. Lozano-Garcia, H. Estrada-García, R. Guzmán-Cabrera

Analysis of Mammograms using Texture Segmentation (pp. 119–126; abstract)

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