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Computer science and computer engineering

Issue 118 (2016)


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Advances in Computer Science

Navonil Majumder, Yazaed Zaid Guadarrama Rendón

Front matter (pp. 1–4)

Editorial (p. 5)

Table of Contents (pp. 7–8)


Silvia Beatriz González Brambila, Josué Figueroa González

Discovering Relationships among Personal and Academic Factors with Academic Performance using Association Rules (pp. 9–17; abstract)


Karen Lizbeth Flores-Rodríguez, Felipe Trujillo-Romero

Free Form Object Recognition Module using A-KAZE and GCS (pp. 19–29; abstract)


E. Ulises Moya-Sánchez, Marcela Bonell, Gustavo Torres, Eduardo Vázquez-Santacruz

Quaternion Atomic Phase Magnification for 2D and 3D Motion (pp. 31–43; abstract)


Diego Uribe, Luis Lugo, Enrique Cuan

Deep Analysis of a Basic Traffic Model (pp. 45–54; abstract)


Juan-Eduardo Velázquez-Velázquez, Rosalba Galván-Guerra

Robust Stability Analysis for Linear Systems with Uncertain Fast-Varying Time Delay arising from Networked Control Systems (pp. 55–64; abstract)


Francisco Villegas Alejandre, Nareli Cruz Cortés, Eleazar Aguirre Anaya

Botnet Detection using Clustering Algorithms (pp. 65–75; abstract)


Victor Manuel Aboytes Reséndiz, Edgar Rivas Araiza

System Identification of a Quad-rotor in X Configuration from Experimental Data (pp. 77–86; abstract)


David González-Patiño, Yenny Villuendas-Rey, Amadeo J. Argüelles-Cruz

Mammogram Image Segmentation Using Bioinspired Novel Bat Swarm Clustering (pp. 87–96; abstract)


Juan-Eduardo Velázquez-Velázquez, Rosalba Galván-Guerra, Ieroham Baruch, Silvestre Garcia-Sanchez

Recurrent Trainable Neural Networks for Complex Systems Identification: A Hybrid System Approach (pp. 97–106; abstract)


Sergio Sandoval Reyes, Victor Hugo Herver Segura

Android App of Location Awareness Using Li-Fi (pp. 107–114; abstract)


Julio Fernández, Jarvin A. Antón-Vargas, Yenny Villuendas-Rey, José F. Cabrera-Venegas, Yusbel Chávez, Amadeo J. Argüelles-Cruz

Clustering Techniques for Document Classification (pp. 115–125; abstract)


Karen Alicia Aguilar Cruz, Romeo Urbieta Parrazales, José de Jesús Medel Juárez

Stochastic System Model Evaluated with First and Second Order Filters (pp. 127–136; abstract)


Mario Anzures-García, Luz A. Sánchez-Gálvez, Miguel J. Hornos, Patricia Paderewski-Rodríguez

Semantic Formalism for Modelling the Group Interaction (pp. 137–147; abstract)


Javier Maldonado Romo, Mauricio Olguín-Carbajal, Israel Rivera-Zárate, Raul Galvan

Analyzed Performance for a Chairs Classifier through Deep Learning (pp. 149–156; abstract)


Yosimar O. Serrano-Silva, Yenny Villuendas-Rey, Cornelio Yáñez-Márquez

Telemarketing Success: Evaluation of Supervised Classifiers (pp. 157–166; abstract)

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