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Issue 110 (2016)


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Advances in Opinion Mining, Social Network Analysis, and Authorship Attribution

Alexander Gelbukh

Front matter (pp. 1–4)

Editorial (pp. 5–6)

Table of Contents (pp. 7–8)


Octavio Sánchez-Velázquez, Gerardo Sierra

Let's Agree to Disagree: Measuring Agreement between Annotators for Opinion Mining Task (pp. 9–19; abstract)


Sarra Zrigui, Rami Ayadi, Anis Zouaghi, Salah Zrigui

ISAO: An Intelligent System of Opinions Analysis (pp. 21–30; abstract)


Amit Mishra, S. K. Jain

Computing Sentiment Polarity of Opinion WHY Type Question for Intention Mining of Questioners in Question Answering Systems (pp. 31–40; abstract)


Ahmed Nasser, Kıvanç Dinçer, Hayri Sever

Investigation of the Feature Selection Problem for Sentiment Analysis in Arabic Language (pp. 41–54; abstract)


M’hamed Mataoui, Omar Zelmati, Madiha Boumechache

A Proposed Lexicon-Based Sentiment Analysis Approach for the Vernacular Algerian Arabic (pp. 55–70; abstract)


Heba M. Ismail, Saad Harous, Boumediene Belkhouche

A Comparative Analysis of Machine Learning Classifiers for Twitter Sentiment Analysis (pp. 71–83; abstract)


Václav Rajtmajer, Pavel Král

Event Detection in Czech Twitter (pp. 85–94; abstract)


Ivan Garrido-Marquez, Jorge Garcia Flores, François Lévy, Adeline Nazarenko

Blog Annotation: From Corpus Analysis to Automatic Tag Suggestion (pp. 95–106; abstract)


James Little, Chris Painter

A Lookup-Free Approach to Knowledge Extraction from News Feeds (pp. 107–116; abstract)


Qiuling Yan, Baoli Li, Dongqing Yang

Detecting Communities Using Link and Content Triangles (pp. 117–128; abstract)


Seifeddine Mechti, Maher Jaoua, Rim Faiz, Heni Bouhamed, Lamia Hadrich Belguith

Author Profiling: Age Prediction Based on Advanced Bayesian Networks (pp. 129–137; abstract)


Raheem Sarwar, Sarana Nutanong

The Key Factors and Their Influence in Authorship Attribution (pp. 139–150; abstract)


Seifeddine Mechti, Maher Jaoua, Rim Faiz, Lamia Hadrich Belguith

An Analysis Framework for Hybrid Authorship Verification (pp. 151–158; abstract)

Reviewing Committee (p. 159)

Back matter (pp. 161–162)