Research in Computing Science

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Computer science and computer engineering

Issue 103 (2015)


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Front matter (pp. 1–4)

Editorial (pp. 5–6)

Table of Contents (p. 7)


Liang Gong, Yining Wang, Chuanhuang Li (China)

On Rate Adjustment Mechanism for Reliable Multicast Transmission in ForCES (pp. 9–19; abstract)


Kouser, Lalitha Rangarajan (India)

Statistical and Alignment Based Methods for Comparison of Non-Coding DNA Sequences (pp. 21–27; abstract)


Uttam Kumar Roy (India)

Concatenated Tabla Sound Synthesis to Help Musicians (pp. 29–39; abstract)


Abhay R. Kasetwar, Sanjay M. Gulhane (India)

A New Approach to Adaptive Power Line Interference Removal (pp. 41–49; abstract)


M.T. Chitra, Sherly Elizabeth (India)

UML Behavioral Refactoring for the Specification of Complex Software Systems (pp. 51–68; abstract)


Yuvraj N. Patil, V. S. Aneesh, M. T. Abhilash, Swati Kadlag (India)

Electronic System for Orientation Control and Obstacle Avoidance for Underwater Glider without a Rudder (pp. 69–81; abstract)


M. K. Saley, Sasikumaran Sreedharan (India, Saudi Arabia)

Accuracy of Artificial Neural Network Models of Software Reliability Growth – A Survey (pp. 83–91; abstract)


Prabha Niranjan, K. V. S. S. S. S. Sairam, Shashikantha Karinka (India)

Development of Dual-Actuated Stage for Positioning Applications (pp. 93–98; abstract)


Amit Verma, Nikita Bakshi (India)

Chronological Advancement in Compiler Design: A Review (pp. 99–109; abstract)

Editorial Committee (pp. 111–114)

Back matter (pp. 115–116)