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Computer science and computer engineering

Issue 102 (2015)


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Eva Pajorová and Ladislav Hluchý

High Performance Computing with a big Data: 3D Visualization of the Research Results (pp. 9–19; abstract)


Rodolfo Alvarado-Cervantes, Edgardo M. Felipe-Riveron, Vladislav Khartchenko, and Oleksiy Pogrebnyak

Influence of Luminance L* in the L*a*b* Color Space during Color Segmentation in Highly Saturated Color Images (pp. 21–31; abstract)


Mario Dehesa, Alberto J. Rosales, Francisco J. Gallegos, Samuel Souverville, and Isabel V. Hernández

Chromatic Improvement of Backgrounds Images Captured with Environmental Pollution Using Retinex Model (pp. 33–40; abstract)


Francisco Rosario-Verde, Joel Perez-Siles, Luis Aviles-Brito, Jesus Olivares-Mercado, Karina Toscano-Medina, and Hector Perez-Meana

Face Recognition based Only on Eyes’ Information and Local Binary Pattern (pp. 41–50; abstract)


Andras Takacs, Edgar A. Rivas-Araiza, and Jesus Carlos Pedraza-Ortega

Scene Dedicated Feature Descriptor with Random Forest Training for Better Augmented Reality Registration (pp. 51–61; abstract)


Claudia Sánchez and Mariano Rivera

Binary Segmentation of Multiband Images (pp. 63–75; abstract)


Samuel Souverville, Jorge A. Rosales, Francisco J. Gallegos, Mario Dehesa, Isabel V. Hernández, and Lucero V. Lozano

Fuzzy Logic Applied to Improvement of Image Resolution using Gaussian Membership Functions (pp. 77–88; abstract)


Roham Ranjbar, Hamid Parvin, and Farhad Rad

Clustering Ensemble Selection Considering Quality and Diversity (pp. 89–99; abstract)


Amado Sánchez Sánchez, José Crispén Hernández Hernández, Haydee Patricia Martínez Hernández, David Ibarra Guzmán, Arturo Contreras Juárez, Arturo Aguila Flores, and Perfecto Malaqías Quintero Flores

Feature Selection for Improvement the Performance of an Electric Arc Furnace (pp. 101–112; abstract)

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